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Automate Solar Panel V2 for 5V/12V Motors

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Harness the natural energy of the sun.


Use the sun to your advantage with our Automate® Solar Panel V2. When paired with our solar panel, Wirefree Li-ion & Zero Li-ion motors remain powered by harnessing the natural energy of the sun. The Solar Panel V2 uses industry-leading, crystal technology to maximise sun ray absorption in a wide range of locations and orientations. Renewable power means motors stay running for longer, without the need for regular charging. Efficiently keep spaces warm, or cool with this environmentally friendly upgrade to battery-operated shades.


Slimline design meets supreme low light performance

  • Renewable power
  • Plug ‘n’ perform power for wirefree motors
  • Multiple mounting points
  • Optimal performance in low light circumstances
  • Crystal technology to increase solar ray absorption


A variety of accessories are available to complement our Automate motors, including solar panels, battery packs, multiple charging units and signal extenders to enhance your overall experience.