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Crown & Drive Set - S35 Tube - 25mm motor



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$15 Flat rate shipping

This set can only be used with a 25mm motor:

Zero Li-Ion Q1.1 NM short motor

Zero Li-Ion Q1.1 NM motor


Crown & Drive sets allow motors to go in to different tubes.  You need the correct set to ensure your motor fits and works properly. Use the 'Tube Indentifier Chart' to determine your tube. 

If it is on the chart and has the exact profile on the inside of the tube, you do not need to buy this set because it will come with your motor or kit. 

In the case where your tube is the same diameter, but the inner profile is slightly different, then these crown and drive sets are a way for your to see if the motor will work with your tube that is slightly different.

This is a way of checking without purchasing a motor.  We can not refund this if it doesn't fit, but we have kept the cost to as low as i can and most of the cost is actually shipping.

Some of the crown and drive sets will only take a certain size of motor, which is stated in the title of this product.


Step 1: Use the 'Tube identifier Chart to indentify your tube.

Step 2: Choose the correct crown & drive set, buy it and see if it fits in your tube

Step 3: BIf it fits, you are ready to buy motors


Return Policy

No Returns on this product because all the cost is in in shipping it to you.