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Automate Retrofit DIY Kit - Roller Blinds 2.0Nm MOTORS



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Automate Retrofit DIY Kit - Roller Blinds 2.0Nm MOTORS - The Retrofit Diy Kit enables you to turn your existing blinds into smart blinds that can be easily operated by voice, App, and remote.


 Please Note: Our motors can be retrofit to approximately 70% of the roller blinds sold in Australia. You will need to check compatiblity of your existing roller blinds by using our 'Tube Identifier' chart found in the photo section of this product. If your tube is not on the chart, you will need to contact us prior to buying.


The Automate Pulse 2 Hub serves as the foundation of your motorisation system. It seamlessly links your blinds and other devices to Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa, while also granting you access to the cutting-edge Pulse 2 App on any smartphone or tablet. In the absence of the Pulse 2 Hub, you will only be able to control your motorised blinds through the use of a remote control.


Pulse 2 Hub Features:

  • voice control
  • add to scenes in Google, Siri, or Alexa
  • control your shades from any location
  • one tap control
  • Battery & signal status
  • predictive shade postioning
  • schedule shade automation, e.g. sunrise, sunset, etc
  • a huge range of icons are available for fora truly customised experience
  • each page features helpful hints to make better use of the app's innovative functionality


The Retrofit Diy Kit includes:

  • 4 x Wire Free Recargeable Zero Li-Ion2.0Nm Roller Blind Motors
  • 4 x Motor Caps
  • 1 x Pulse Hub 2
  • 1 x Push 15 Remote
  • 1 X  Wall Charger with 4m cable
  • 1 x Installation Instructions


Upgrade your roller blinds with the Automate Retrofit DIY Kit, featuring powerful 2.0Nm motors designed for effortless automation. This user-friendly kit enables you to transform your existing blinds into smart, motorized window coverings with ease. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, it offers smooth operation and compatibility with smart home systems, enhancing convenience and control in your living space. Perfect for adding a modern touch to your home without the need for professional installation.

Additional Motors