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Automate Drapery Motor - curtain motor



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The Automate® Versa drapery motor is designed to power curtains up to 11 metres wide and handle fabric weights exceeding 50 kg. This adaptable motor can be connected to either a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or an AC power module, offering enhanced installation flexibility.


Please Note: you will need to also buy the rechargeable battry or 240 volt modules to power this motor.

Motor Colour



  • Adjustable Speed Control:

    • Offers three speed settings for different curtain sizes.
    • Faster speeds for larger curtains and slower speeds for smaller ones.
    • Operates quietly at the lowest speed setting.
  • Battery & AC Powered:

    • Versatile Mounting:

      • Can be mounted vertically within a ceiling pocket for a sleek, hidden look.
    • Micro USB Charging:

      • Rechargeable battery pack can be conveniently charged using any micro USB cable.
    • Battery Level Check:

      • Check battery levels easily with a single remote touch, moving the curtain to show battery percentage.
    • Easy Set-Up:

      • Self-managing limits for quick installation and maintaining curtain appearance.
    • Instant Power Connection:

      • No complex wiring needed. The upcoming AC power plug connects to standard sockets for immediate, continuous power.