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The Pinnacle of Wire-Free Motorisation: Automate's Zero Li-Ion Rechargeable Motors for Roller Blinds

When comparing motorised roller blinds, there are good motors, great motors, and then there's Automate's Zero Li-Ion rechargeable motor series. This product is redefining what users should expect from motorisation. Let's unravel the brilliance behind this motor.

Intuitive and Smart Design: What Makes the Automate Li-ion Motor the Best?

When it comes to motors for roller blinds, there are so many on the market, but in reality, if you want cutting-edge technology, sleek design and lasting performance, it's a 2-horse race between Automate & Somfy. While Automate and Somfy share the lead with some of their motors, in the wire-free rechargeable category, it's Automate all the way. I could chat all day about standard features, but let's cut to the chase. This post? It's about what sets this Automate motor apart. Buckle up, let's dive into what makes this product stand out:

ARC (Automate Radio Communication): As a next-gen radio technology, ARC™ optimises communication between Automate motorised window shades and their App via the Pulse 2 Hub. With a user-friendly interface, the ARC™ system streamlines the setup process through its Setup Wizard. A major feature of this technology is its two-way radio control, allowing the App to receive immediate feedback on shade positions and motor health, ensuring efficient and intelligent window shade operation. ARC™ is truly setting the gold standard for smart shade communication for home automation systems. To provide some context, while most motors can receive instructions, they don't send back any data. This two-way communication offers a substantial edge in system control. It's important to mention that Somfy is the only other product utilising a similar RF protocol.

acmeda roller blind motor - motorise my blinds

Unique Motor Head Design: Automate boasts a patented purpose-designed groove for the antenna cable, while Somfy's cable hangs free at the back of the blind, remaining unconcealed. No other motor has anything like this.

motorise my blinds

Innovative Motor Cap: Building on the unique antenna groove, Automate has designed a motor cap that not only covers the antenna but can also rotate to cover the charging port, rendering the motor, antenna, & charging port completely out of sight. This is truly a game changer, the antenna remains hidden thanks to the protective cap.

acmeda roller blind

The motor cap is available in either white or black, allowing for a consistent colour scheme. For instance, if you desire black motorised blinds with matching black brackets for your black aluminium window frames, any other wire-free motor would inconveniently display a white motor.

Battery Check Action: Lift all your blinds, then hold both the up & down buttons for 5 seconds. Your blinds will then automatically lower to the amount of battery remaining, i.e. if the blind goes down to halfway, the battery life remaining is 50%. A smart feature that lets you know if a blind needs a charge - which we think is pretty cool.

Conclusion: Automate's Zero Li-Ion rechargeable motor isn't just another product in the vast market of motorised roller blinds. It's a testament to innovation, design intuition, and understanding user needs. While there are many contenders in the race, this motor by Automate proves that it's not just about speed but about running the race smartly and efficiently. It's not just a motor; it's the future of window shade motorisation.

FAQs on Automate's Li-Ion Motors

1. What's the price for these motors?

  • As of now, we have a special offer:

  • The 1.1Nm motor is available for $265, down from the usual price of $299. This includes delivery and GST.

  • The 2.0Nm motor is is available for $325 down from the usual price of $359. This includes delivery and GST.

2. How frequently should I charge the motor?

  • Each full charge lasts for 500 cycles. Remember, a single cycle is counted as one open and one close action of the blind.

3. What's the lifespan of the battery?

  • Lifecycle testing has shown that these motors can be recharged effectively up to 500 times. While annual degradation is expected, it remains consistent over time. Typically, lithium batteries don't suddenly stop retaining a charge.

4. What's the duration of the warranty?

  • Automate offers a solid 5-year warranty on these motors.

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