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Acmeda Motorised Curtain Track -Gathered Pleat



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Acmeda Motorised Curtain Track -Gathered Pleat - We only use Rollease Acmeda (Automate) parts for our motorised curtain tracks. You will recieve installation instructions with your order, we also have an installation video.  Installation is a very simply method thanks to the spring loaded clips made by Acmeda that are supplied. Simply screw the clips up and then the track clicks in to the clips.


Refer to our FAQ page for any questions you may have, or alternatively contact us to discuss.


Ordering Instructions


Step 1: Choose from 'Width 1' for the approximate width.


Step 2: Choose from "Motor' , either 'Rechargeable Battery' or '240 Volt'.  Rechargeable Battery does not requrie an Electrician, but a 240 Volt set up will.


Step 3: Type in your exact 'Width'.  Tell us you opening size and we will make a deduction for you. FYI, the carrier arm can go past the curtain track so the curtain track doesn't have to be the exact width, again, we will make the deduction.


Step 4: Tell us if you require a join and where you would like the join.  All curtains over 5890mm will require a join. Generally, we only use joins in the event you can not get a long curtain rodd in a room or elevator.


Transform your curtains with the Acmeda Motorised Curtain Track, designed for Gathered Pleat curtains. This motorised system allows for smooth, remote-controlled adjustments, bringing convenience and a touch of sophistication to any room. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance, making opening and closing your Gathered Pleat curtains effortless. Perfect for integrating modern technology into your home decor.



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