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retrofit kit for automate motorised roller blinds

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tube identifier chart for motorised roller blinds

Retrofit DIY Kit for Roller Blinds: A User-Friendly Upgrade

At MotoriseMyBlinds, we offer a straightforward solution to upgrade your roller blinds from chain-operated to motorised, without complicating the process. That's where our Retrofit DIY Kit for roller blinds comes into play.

Instead of replacing your entire blind system, this kit allows you to upgrade what you already have. Our 'Automate DIY Retrofit Kit for Roller Blinds' is designed with simplicity in mind. It's a step-by-step solution to convert traditional roller blinds into smart blinds. No need for specialised tools or intricate technical knowledge; simply check your tube for compatibility with our 'Tube Identifier Chart'. And if you have a match, bazinga, you're good to go!


In the event that your tube is not on our chart, please contact us with a photo of your tube, as we may have a solution for you. You can contact us here.

With our Retrofit DIY kit, we aim to make smart blinds accessible and straightforward for every homeowner.

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